Early Gift: San Miguel Beer – Oktoberfest Limited Edition

San Miguel Pale Pilsen Oktoberfest Limited Edition

It has been a long week.  But as of today, I am now on weekend mode. I flying a bit faraway, for an overdue R&R and food trip.  As I write this, I am still at the office taking care of last minute stuff.  And lo and behold! On my desk is a bag with goodies — my first gift of the season.  Six bottles of San Miguel Beer — the Oktoberfest Limited Edition.

I had the pleasure of doing business with San Miguel Brewery recently, and their HR sent me these bottles.  The truth is, I don’t drink beer as a habit.  Still, I do drink a bottle or two from time to time.  And, I am choosy when it comes to which brand I drink.  I love San Miguel’s Cerveza Negra, as well as their apple-flavored variety, which I am using for a chicken recipe one of these days.

The Oktoberfest edition?  I have never tried it. But now, I will.  And aside from drinking it, I ask myself — Hmmm… I wonder what delicious dishes will I be making out of these beautiful bottles?

Thank you to my friends at San Miguel Brewery!  Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

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