Chocolate Buchi with Strawberry Syrup

Chocolate Buchi -

Recently, a grand-uncle and his family came home to the Philippines from Canada and visited our house.  We sort of had a mini reunion, which, for our family, means hours of storytelling in the dining room. The stories are usually in four languages alternating with each other — English, Tagalog, Ilocano, and Itawes.   Unfortunately, I could only understand and speak the first two.

At some point — perhaps, when the stories were  already purely in Ilocano and Itawes — my hands were itching to cook something — anything I could experiment on, and anything I would be able to serve the guests as well.  We had Chinese food earlier for lunch, and we didn’t have dessert. So I decided to make a Chinese cuisine-inspired dessert.  And what Chinese meal is complete without buchi?

Usually, buchi is made of glutinous flour (galapong/rice flour), sesame seeds, and lotus paste.  I wanted a different twist.  Instead of using lotus paste, I used chopped bittersweet chocolate as the filling. And the result: a unique and very delicious dessert.

It’s very easy to make: just dissolve the glutinous flour in water.  Add a little butter and a pinch of salt.  Form into balls — the size is up to you.  But before completing the ball, insert the chopped chocolate — it melts when you cook it.  Roll the ball in sesame seeds.  Deep fry until golden brown.

For extra taste, made a strawberry syrup/dip.  I simply used canned strawberry preserves, which were simmered in low heat for a few minutes.  I believe this one’s optional.  My folks loved the buchi even without the strawberry syrup.

Happy eating! A real treat to have and share with your loved ones.

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