Easy Kesong Puti Bruschetta

I have always loved our own kesong puti.  Many think that it is only good with pandesal.  But it is more flexible than many would think. Personally, I have used it as a more tasty and less expensive alternative to mozarella cheese.  Well-chosen kesong puti is perfect for salads and pasta.   And the good news is, you need not go all the way to Laguna for kesong puti.  Many supermarkets have it.  So do weekend markets in the metropolis.  The Legaspi and Salcedo markets in Makati have it, so does the FTI weekend market in Taguig.

I used it recently for my pasta with malunggay (Moringa) pesto.  Kesong puti is also perfect with my Vigan Longganisa fusilli and also my Tomato, Basil, and Cheese salad.   At a recent lunch with friends, I also used kesong puti as part of the filling for turon.

Need I say more about kesong puti’s versatility?

Just last week, I craved for bruschetta.  And this was a perfect opportunity for me to use kesong puti.

There was nothing new and nothing difficult about the way my bruschetta was prepared.  I used sliced French bread, and rubbed the slices with garlic for flavor.  I then brushed the bread with olive oil to make it crusty and crispy.

For the toppings: chopped basil, anchovies, garlic, tomatoes, pepper, and of course, sliced kesong puti.

A real yum-o indeed!

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