Putting together the Different Versions of 1 National Anthem

I have thought of putting together the different renditions of the Lupang Hinirang sung by several Filipino artists. Over the years, we’ve heard the same stories again and again, of how singer A or singer B failed to do justice to our national anthem.

Take your pick and see who sang it right, who sang it almost right… and who sang it worst. I wonder how the National Historical Institute would react to such cacophony heard one by one (although of course, some artists did justice to the anthem).

I noticed that no one really was able to sing it with the right, fast-paced tempo (is it allegro?). And most of the artists, would try to leave their imprint on the anthem by changing some notes and adding falsettos. One artist forgot the lyrics. And strangely, it would seem that some would try to stretch their 15 minutes of fame on the global stage by stretching the duration of the very anthem itself. Notice too that it is the last part of the anthem that is most critical.

Here they are in no particular order. You may have to fast forward a bit to hear our national anthem.

Geneva Cruz – some minimal changes in the notes.

Lani Misalucha – dragging, shocking ending for Asia’s nightingale.


Jennifer Bautista (of the Revilla clan) – highly criticized… until Martin Nievera came along.

Christian Bautista – forgot the lyrics

Kyla – generally faithful to the anthem

Ciara Sotto – Former Senator Tito Sotto must have taught her well. Click here to view video.

Lea Salonga – cited by the National Historical Institute as a good example.

Martin Nievera – the latest mis-rendition

ABS-CBN – I’d have to say this is a very good version, in the way it was sung, and its production values.

Government edition – proper tempo, correct key (key of G)

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