Breaking News: Chip Tsao Apology

Better late than never.  Still, it is really about time that Chip Tsao apologizes for his racist article on Filipinos.

Tsao has already apologized through the Hong Kong Media. But of course, not without explaining and clarifying his article.  Tsao claims, he meant to use the word “servant”, in calling the Philippines “a nation of servants”.  He says that servants is a “sacred term”.

I agree with him only that point, on his definition.  Yes, being a servant is an important and sacred job (and our trapos here should take a cue from that).

There is a big BUT, however, and we all know that.  Any word can have a good definition on its own.  But when used in a different context — or in the negative context — the entire meaning of the word changes.  When he uses the term “nation of servants” with allusions of firing Luisa, the Filipina domestic helper he has hired, the context changes. Chip Tsao should take a refresher on English and word usage.

It is clearer now that it is Chip Tsao himself who has brought a negative meaning to the word “servant”.

While the Philippine government, through the Philippine Consulate has accepted his public apology, Chip Tsao should specifically direct his apology to our domestic helpers in Hong Kong as well.  And I still believe that it is appropriate for authorities to locate Luisa and find her a better employer.  I certainly appreciate efforts of groups like the Blas Ople Foundation.

With an issue like this hopefully under the bridge, we can move on, focus on more pressing issues, and learn from the lessons.  But more importantly, the Philippines and China should continue calm and civilized diplomacy to iron out disagreements with regard to the Spratlys.

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