In Transition -- has it been a year already?

note: is now my official site

It is with great fondness to know that this site, is turning one year old in just a few days. While I am not exactly celebrating the milestone with fanfare, let me say how happy I am with this development.

When I started this site, I simply wanted an outlet for me to continue writing, “reporting”, and expressing myself. Almost 200 posts later, I realize how it has been an inspiring year — so inspiring that each moment turned either into commentaries, random thoughts, recipes, etc.

But of course, what I have found quite amazing is how this site has reached been able to give me the chance to interact with people and friends around the globe. Who would have thought that hundreds would flock to this site to finally learn how to make pasta in the microwave? Many have been able to get tips on communication assertiveness and dealing with presentation nervousness. And truth be told, I never would have imagined my commentaries actually being discussed on television.

I really am grateful and deeply humbled for this opportunity to reach out.

For regular readers of the site, you may have noticed the many changes in this site over the past year, particularly its look and feel. As this wonderful project turns one, it continues to be a work in progress. I initially planned to transfer to another provider for the site and even change my web address, but I decided to keep the status quo for the next year. I just hope that my my provider will be more efficient this year. Truly, if I had been an online merchant and my site were to go down again for another five days, I really would be out of business already!

Do expect more posts (surprises?), and more changes in the next few days, weeks, and months. For starters, I am very excited about unveiling the next phase of this site. Coming very soon.

When I think about it, the site’s anniversary also marks a year since I have made the big move to the corporate world (and independent, citizen journalism) from the mainstream media. I celebrate a year of placing happiness at the right places, of pursuing a true calling, of miracles, of beautiful changes and milestones. Another milestone I cannot forget: being able to forgive the very select few who have yet to atone for certain wrongs. After all, there are better things to do, and many people to help.

So let me give a toast —
to celebrating change, to celebrating transitions, to celebrating a year of a life that goes beyond reporting, of making the right stand, of keeping things simple, and most important of all, true.

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