At this point, it comes as no surprise that the Supreme Court has declared unconstitutional the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain (MOA-AD), which would have created a Bangsamoro State in Mindanao.  We have all seen its flaws, and the carelessness of the peace panel in creating it.

I am relieved that violence did not erupt immediately after the decision was handed — compared to the kind of disorder that Mindanaoans had suffered immediately after a temporary restraining order was given by the Supreme Court.

What is clearly important now is for the government to continue pursuing the peace process, pursuing it  within the bounds of the constitution, and with proper consultation to all stakeholders.  Personally, after such a humiliating experience for the Palace, I am skeptical if Presidential Adviser Hermogenes Esperon is up to the job of leading the peace process in behalf of the government.  I realize that there is no more need to elaborate on this, for the Supreme Court has already said a mouthful, as it chided Esperon.

And while the government has contented itself by earlier withdrawing from its plans of pursuing the MOA-AD, it is essential for it to make sure that violence does not erupt again.  It is essential for the government to communicate that the peace process will continue.

Meanwhile, it is still only proper that the MILF hand over its renegade commanders, Kato and Bravo.

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