Lessons While Being Locked Out

The past few days have been quite frustrating, as far as writing in this site is concerned, and considering that I do try to write something almost every day.

I have not been able to write so much lately because I have been, in effect, locked out of my very own website. It’s not that I lost my password, but I found out the hard way that I’ve already exceeded site’s PHP limit for the month. I’m not very much a techie. But apparently the (numerous) plugins are the culprit for this. To complicate matters, my service provider has not been much of a great help.

The result: I have not been able to access my website’s dashboard most of the time, these past few days.

Thankfully, things will get to normal once it’s November, when my PHP will get reset.

My techie problems aside… so much has happened this month. I find it strange… I’ve had zombie moments this month, stressful episodes, and the happiest and lightest moments this month. So much has happened. And like always so many lessons learned.  Many are new learnings, some are self-learnings, and many too, are learnings from the experiences of other people around me:

  • A few days of not being able to write gives more time to think and reflect more deeply.
  • Rest is important.  Intense burnout can lead to breakdowns.
  • The best in people may come out during the most difficult of circumstances.
  • Difficulties make us grow if we approach them with the right attitude
  • “Accidents” may lead to good things — blessings in disguise
  • It’s not just the answers you give that are important, but also the kind of questions you ask
  • Wishes and dreams true.  One just needs to wait and be patient.
  • Nothing is impossible
  • And yes, prayers DO get answered.

I’m looking forward to blogging again soon.

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