The Biggest Small Thing

There are many small things I love about living in the south of metro.  The “biggest” small thing would have to be the gentle, pollution-free breeze that we get.  For this, we have our isolation from from the major urban centers to thank, as well Muntinlupa’s proximity to Laguna Lake.

We have good breeze the whole year, even during the summer.  Believe it or not, one can certainly do away with air conditioning in December and January.

I love the breeze particularly during evenings, when the temperature drops and one feels that gentle caress of the wind as one walks on the street, or stays in the lanai to read, think, write, or enjoy a cup of tea.

And even though the distance from my car to the main door of the house only entails a few meters, I enjoy each step and each small burst of breeze that I feel.

I noticed just recently that temperatures have very slightly dropped at night. I used to take such a thing for granted before, as I did not have the time to enjoy it.  But now, as things have changed, I realize that now I am able to stop and really appreciate the small things around that make our lives better, more colorful, more joyful.

And as the comfortably-chilly wind makes it presence felt on my being tonight, I am reminded of how closer we are to Christmas (98 days to go) and of the kind of happiness that is to come when one is enjoying the holidays with family. I am reminded and thankful of real friends who are there to listen to you and are truly there through thick and thin.

The night breeze reminds me that there are more important things in life — and that one works to live well and not living to work.

I find myself suddenly energized and inspired.

I am full of certainty that as a new day is ushered in a few minutes, I would be wiser, knowing that yes, everything will be better.

Strong.  Invincible even!

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