Swing Out Sister Jamming

It has so far been a humdrum Saturday for me, until I received a notification in my e-mail today.  Andy Connell of Swing Out Sister has added this new video on YouTube. It’s a rendition of “Butterfly”, which is on their latest album, Beautiful Mess

It’s a video of SOS jamming not at a recording studio, but at a place that looks like a pantry or small office.  Nevertheless, Andy’s arrangement and of course, Corrine Drewery’s vocals are superb and mesmerizing.

I really do hope they come out with a DVD compilation of their performances (Hmmmm…I should start at online petition one of these days). SOS fans, I trust that you will find this a treat. I’m adding this video to my ipod!

As a bonus, here are two other SOS videos:

The Studio Version of Butterfly

And an SOS Classic, Lala Means I Love You

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