Quiet on Meralco

The Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss Court of Appeals Associate Justice Vicente Roxas and penalize four more justices surely is a welcome development in the battle against corruption and shows that the judiciary, despite its flaws, does not waste any time to protect its credibility as a democratic institution — and the last resort of Filipinos.  How we wish the executive department could show the same determination.  The case made the news when the whistleblower, CA Justice Jose Sabio alleged that he had been offered P10 million by businessman Francis De Borja in exchange for his inhibition in the brouhaha between Meralco and the GSIS.  It was alleged that De Borja was acting as an emissary for Meralco.

The whistle blower himself has been slapped with a two-month suspension.

Aside from the justices, it is only proper that the SC also recommends that Francis De Borja be investigated by the Department of Justice.  The ball is now in the DOJ’s court, which would have the jurisdiction over a private citizen like him.  As far as perceptions are concerned, today’s decision does not make Sabio look any more innocent.

Take note too that the SC has even opened the possibility of PCGG Chairman Camilo Sabio getting disbarred for trying to influence his brother Vicente.

The question of many now is, what about Meralco, which allegedly sent De Borja?  The Supreme Court’s decision was quiet on this matter.  I wonder why.  Whether or not Meralco will be further dragged into the matter will now depend on the investigation of the DOJ.

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  1. Wow.. wow.. i dont know what to say..
    that was a good read.,nice story. and eventhough im not a manila boy,(im from mindanao) i just remember the time when i was little and we’re in manila, the traffic…wwooh!.. awesome.. specially when it rains..

    hmmm.. i’ll get a hamburger and diet coke please..

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