You’ve got to hand it to mobile phone service providers like Globe Telecom.

I have just spoken with a relative who has just arrived in the US for business and set up her prepaid line for international roaming. Apparently, she’s almost run out of load and true enough, could not make outgoing calls.

The thing is, she could not reload using the call cards that she bought, and texts me to call the 211 hotline of Globe.

Call center agent says: “Sir Ralph, you need at least 80 pesos to reload the phone.”

Huh? So where’s the logic in that?

Of course, the emotive-directive communicator that I am, I told her that such system is stupid. If that is the case, how then does one reload when there is a minimum load to reload (sounds like a tongue twister)?

The agent’s answer: “That’s really our procedure.”

Wow, very customer service oriented!

As a post paid subscriber, I am again turned off with the service. I have had bad experiences myself, and I can’t wait for my 2-year contract to expire next month.

1) Switch to post paid?
2) Switch to another provider?
3) Sa Globe, IMposible.

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