Mass Schedules, Philippines

Hooray! I am halfway through my crazy schedule this weekend, made quite hectic by my commitments. But I’m not complaining at all, since they are happy commitments. Still, I am left with the important question for this weekend: given my schedule, when and where do I attend mass. For me, the Sunday mass is my most important activity during the weekend. When I think about it, God after all, is just asking for an hour every week, so it’s one commitment we couldn’t miss.

So after a quick search on the Internet for mass schedules, I discovered, which lists down the schedules of several churches in the whole country! So true enough, I found the mass schedule that I need for tomorrow. I’m leaving for Quezon Province at 6am tomorrow, and I’m not sure if I’d make it to the masses there. Thankfully, as the site provides, the Sacred Heart Church at the Scout Area in Quezon City has a 5:30 a.m. mass. This is just right, since I’m meeting my companions in the same area at six.

To my pleasant surprise, the site has the accurate schedule of our small chapel in Muntinlupa, where I usually attend mass.

While the website lists all cities, towns, and provinces in the archipelago, the available information is still quite limited to the highly urbanized cities. I could be wrong, but my impression is, the page is still relatively new. It is asking the public to contribute to the site to complete the information. For now, I have two churches, whose schedules I wish to contribute.

You can visit the site at to see schedules or to contribute.

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