Documentary on the State of the Nation Address

(note: I’m very happy to freely say this)

I would like to personally invite everyone to watch a special documentary on the President’s  State of the Nation Address, written, produced, and hosted by ABS-CBN reporter Nadia Trinidad.

I had the great privilege of being able to work with Nadia during my stint as GMA-7 Reporter at the House of Representatives and Malacanang.  My friendship with Nadia aside (as well as the much-hyped network war), allow me to say that she is not only one of ABS-CBN’s best reporters, but one of the best in the industry as well.  She is one of the sharpest, most insightful journalists to date, and her writing has helped viewers read between the lines of what is usually complicated, confusing, and deceiving in politics.  Not to mention that her credibility spans more than a decade’s experience in the industry, which includes reportage on at least three Philippine presidents.  It was certainly a great learning experience working alongside one of the industry’s best, and most down to earth journalists.

Nadia’s documentary airs on July 25, Friday, at 9 p.m. on the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC).  With replays on Saturday and Sunday.  Don’t miss it.

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  1. I super loved Nadia’s Docu. “Food, Education and a dose of dignity..” Whoa, I love it! =)

    Yeah, I agree. Nadia is one of the best if not the best journalist of her time. She knows this that she was my favorite reporter, kaya super saya ko when I knew that we attended the same high school and that we became really good friends.

    If I miss anything about the media, it’s friends like her and like you. =)

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