Boracay's Garbage Problem

Here is another story, a special report about Boracay’s garbage problem. Let me be the first to clarify that the story is not intended to malign the reputation of what has been said to be the world’s best beach.

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  1. Well, then perhaps you will allow me to malign this beach. With intensity.

    I live here now and have travel so much around the world that my passport has a thick addition of pages in the center of it from the embassy, too many places. I only mention that so you dont think I am coming from a myopic point of view.

    This beach is nowhere near world class. Lets not mention how Bulabog is one of the filthiest around but White Beach itself is nothing more than average. The only people that call this a ‘world renowned’ beach are the thousands of sites run by Phil dept of Tourism and the airline/resorts that invest here….oh yea, and lets not forget that 10,000 votes in 2 days from government DOT computers” that Yahoo reported last year as how it got on the top 10 list.

    Lets see, there is trash washing up on the beach every single time the tide comes in…thats every day. Lots and lots of trash. The water is averagely clear, I dont know what kind of sewage resorts other people have been going to but the level of visibility here is normal for a non-port equatorial area. 75% of the tourists are Filipinos but they constantly complain about the white euros, its a good thing euros dont understand tagalog because its very vocal. Fine Whit Sand – always that term is getting used. There is nothing spectacular about this sand. Its average. The island has been cramped in a way that reeks of horrible planning. Koreans are heavy investors and regularly are allowed to rip coral out of the sea for shipping back home. Prostitution of course will always be here but now they are protected by the police when accused of stealing from people or drugging them. Ask the police how many complaints they get, they will tell you Zero. I personally know of 4 this past week.

    Really, you might ask why I moved here. Trust me, it will not last much longer. I came because I believed all the hype about this place. I learned really fast just how racist this place is towards outsiders when you’re not paying high tourist rates for everything. I ask you why you think this is world renowned, you will point me at a thousand cookie cutter blogs. If I ask them, they will point at yours.

    This is not marketing at this point, its false advertisement. Everyone copies every one else. This place is a dump and a slum compares to most other places in SE Asia. Since its the best the PI has to offer, national pride has covered everyones sense of truthfullness.

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