No, not ever. Not now.

I am not to lose hope.  No, not ever.  Not now.

Even when justice seems to fail.

Integrity and honesty incessantly trampled upon.

When protection of interests made the order of day.

For in the darkest hours, in the darkness witnessed —

The good do not cease to silently fight.

For the weakest of virtues is more powerful than wickedness strongest .

I will not lose faith.  No, not ever.  Not now.

Truth will conquer.

Justice will prevail.

Peace shall reign in the hearts and minds of those who seek it.

And those who seek only wickedness will whither away and fade.

As their own evil ways bounce back.

I will not stop loving.  No, not ever.  Not now.

But yes — only through giving. 


Offering Sacrifice. 

Living the truth.

Can we claim to live.

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