How to Make Pasta Using the Microwave + 2 sauces

It was one late night back in 2005 when I came home from work, when I craved for pasta as a midnight snack.  I don’t use the dirty kitchen. The LPG tank of the clean kitchen’s stove wasn’t connected either, and I didn’t want to go out to connect the hose.  I also didn’t want to disturb our helpers, so, I looked for another way to cook pasta.

But there was only one way left, and that was the microwave.  I was in unfamiliar territory, but I got it in my first try.  And now, I’m sharing it.

Microwave Pasta for 1-2 People

All you’ll need is a pyrex measuring cup.  Fill it up with your desired amount of noodles (50 to 100 grams).  Fill it up with water, and put in the microwave for 12-13 minutes.  Drain the cup when done.  That’s how easy it is to get al dente instant pasta.  You don’t even need to put salt or oil into the water

If using spaghetti or fetuccine, you will need to break the noodles into two groups of strands so that no noodles are exposed to direct microwave heat.  Other recommended pasta are penne, macaroni, and fussili because you don’t need to break these noodles, unlike spaghetti.

I wouldn’t recommend using angel hair spaghetti.  It turns out too soggy.

You can put oil so that the noodles don’t stick together.  Depending on the sauce, I either put olive oil or a teaspoon of butter.  I don’t advise putting salt into the water.  Salt increases the boiling temperature of water.  Therefore, putting salt will make it longer for the water to boil.


While waiting for the pasta to cook in the microwave, I would prepare my sauce.  For quick sauces, it is best to go for pre-cooked ones.  I use refrigerated pesto or herbed tomato sauces in jars.  Pre-bought or Pre-made Basil Pesto is my constant favorite though.  I would only need 2 to 3 tablespoons of it to mix with the noodles.  I jazz the dish up with chopped tomatoes, pepper, sliced black olives, chopped cilantro, parmesan cheese, and chopped gourmet tuyo (dried herring).  You can also go for chopped Spanish sardines, but dried herring is much better.  I would use dried garlic chips instead of fresh garlic to save time.

Once the sauce is mixed with the cooked noodles, microwave the dish for 30 seconds to get it warmed up and ready to eat.

Another favorite sauce — olive oil as base.  Add sliced anchovies, black olives, parmesan cheese, and dried crunchy garlic.  For extra kick, add chopped bacon.  Since I avoid the stove at night because of the clean up, I cook the bacon in the oven toaster.

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