To a friend leaving a pigsty

It is not enough to say these personally and verbally.

So I would like to congratulate my good friend, I.A. for making the brave decision of resigning recently from her work at a large corporation.

From what I’ve been shown, it’s a terribly mismanaged pigsty from top to bottom, which is why she resigned to begin with.

But those who are very well familiar with the corporation have heard of worse horror stories about how the firm, despite  being on top of its own game in terms of size and record-breaking profit, has continually exploited its very own people.  Unfortunately, this even includes employees who have worked with the corporation for decades.

Employees of this corporation, despite its surprising success in the past 13 years, are still the lowest paid in the industry.  Many still do not have decent overtime pay, and are required — forced — to work extra hours without getting the right pay.  Add in the deep-seated politics in the office and unethical practices of superiors and supervisors.  And let’s not forget how this corporation blatantly disregards almost all known Philippine Labor Laws, but simultaneously and hypocritically brands and brags itself as an exemplar of Corporate Social Responsibility.  I honestly think that this corporation should be investigated by the Department of Labor and Employment and Congress for its practices. 

Well, one would really hand it to the corporation’s legal divisions for using every loophole possible to escape any responsibility.  Kahit na nga lang Christmas Bonus at 13th month pay ay ipinagdadamot pa sa mga empleyado.  Many of the concerns have been continually raised.  Some issues have been answered after much complaints.  But many concerns continue to remain on deaf ears.

One of I.A.’s colleagues, who is incidentally Anti-Gloria says, “If the corporation were another administration runing the country, they’re 20 times worse than this present administration and the Marcos regime combined!  Tumulong kami sa pagpapalaki ng korporasyon sa pamamagitan ng aming pawis, pero ngayong lumaki na, grabe ang panggi-gipit sa amin.”

I feel a lot of pity for the employees left in I.A.’s former work place.  Apparently, the corporation’s bigwigs take it for granted that so many people would be deceived by its branding and would want to die just to enter this pit.  Obviously, after being fooled long enough, many people want to leave, as many have already done so.  But unfortunately, given the job opportunities these days, many feel they have no choice but to stay — at least, until the right opportunity comes long, if at all. 

More unfortunately, some people feel they do not have a choice but to stay.  This is something they should reconsider seriously.

Still, I realize now, as I.A. and others have so bravely shown, real principle has to come in eventually.  While they knew they are no match to the corporation’s evil machinery, they have a more potent weapon in halting this corporation’s menace. 

And that is to simply leave.  To make a personal stand of not to be part of a company that continually does all this evil, as the corporation for starters does not deserve the talents and skills of really good people. 

For in the end, by staying, one indirectly condones the evils of the corporation and allows it to propagate even more.

For now, any action from the authorities is nowhere in sight.  But every small contribution to the battle is welcomed, for collectively, each small effort matters, just as I.A. has just done.

If I were to twist the popular proverb: For evil corporations to triumph, all the upright and righteous-loving employees have to do is to continue working there. 

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