So much for dieting

Oh my gosh!

SAN DIEGO — I’ve known from the beginning that this would be virtually impossible.

Still, before leaving Manila for the US, I vowed that I’d move heaven and earth to prevent myself from gaining (any) weight from all the culinary adventures.

But when I saw the window at Godiva Chocolatier at a Horton Plaza in San Diego I just couldn’t resist the guilty pleasure — fresh strawberries, dipped in chocolate, fondue style!

Chocolate Fondue at Godiva, Horton Mall, San Diego

It was truly a guilt trip because a) Godiva speaks for itself; b) strawberries from Baguio City in the Philippines look malnourished in comparison to the ones in the US as far as size is concerned. (Still, Baguio strawberries taste as good during its season, nevertheless);

and c) they come at a rather steep price — $8 per piece. But it was all worth it.

Pure chocolate heaven. So much for trying not to gain any weight.

Aside from the fondue, the store, as we know features a wide variety of chocolate. I had to beg off, since I’m sure to encounter more chocolate in the succeeding legs of my trip.

Godiva Chocolates

If there’s any consolation, I can always begin and begin my diet again when I get back to the Philippines.

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