2 week old baby

I just realized that my site is now 2 weeks old.  And while it may not necessarily be a big deal, it is for me, a cause for celebration.

Thank you to all who have visited the site and continue to view it — I’m collating the figures as I write this.   

Thankfully, considering my very limited knowledge in wordpress, my site has not crashed or been hacked (knock on wood.  Saka, please, maawa naman sila sa akin 😀 ).

At this point, I would especially like to thank those of you who have pitched in their suggestions.  One person I’d like to particularly mention, is Jason Eraña, my good high school classmate, who has given the most helpful, technical advice.

I’m leaving the country for a vacation very soon, and will be out for some time.  But I’ll do my best to continue blogging while abroad.  There’s so much to write about my upcoming vacation.  Aside from seeing long, lost relatives, I’m looking forward to the trip as a culinary adventure… so please come and visit this site for future updates. (hehe, nag-plug!)

And before I leave, I’ll be uploading more videos and more pictures.  


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