RatedRalph.com: Celebrate Change

When my first website, ralphguzman.org, was nominated at the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards and won the Flippish.com Viewers Choice Award (thanks to all of you friends), I realized that I was doing something good.  When the first site became a good source of contact information during typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng, I saw for myself that blogging can make a difference.  With all your encouragement, I saw that writing can truly produce change.

So Here I am, continuing to celebrate the changes in life. Here I am, continuing to write for change and about change.

After much thought, after a three-month rest and conceptualization  (and after my ralphguzman.org’s contract expired — which will be another story), I am back!  And I am proud to unveil and welcome you to my new and official website: RatedRalph.com.

If you have been to my old site, you may notice the same categories on this one.  I will continue publishing commentaries, news stories and occasional interviews, random thoughts and reflections, learnings on the job, and yes, writings on food.  My “advice column” continues with Ask Ralph.  I am also developing new sections for this site.  Do take note that you will still be able to see past posts from the old website.  You can check the archives for these.

The writing aside, what I look forward to the most would be my interaction with you — whether you are in the Philippines or abroad.  I look forward to interacting with you regularly, so do come and visit my site often.

On the premiere of this site on this beautiful Easter Sunday, let me welcome you with these latest posts.

Yes, there’s nothing permanent in the world except change. Let’s celebrate it. Let’s advocate it.  Let’s teach it. Let’s write for it.  Thanks for visiting RatedRalph.com. More power to you and God bless!

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