Change Should Start Now

The whole world celebrates change. Change that we hoped for. Change that we believed could happen. Change that is now at the world’s doorstep.

With all certainty, the victory of US President-Elect Barack Obama has shattered the glass ceiling. It is proof that humanity can indeed see beyond the color of one’s skin, and instead look at the things that truly matter — qualification, skill, integrity. The US election once again exemplifies the triumph of a true democratic process that should be emulated by countries like the Philippines.

But the election victory aside, the real work — and challenge for Obama begins now. The whole world, and not only his country, expects so much of him, especially in this time of global economic meltdown. May his eloquent speeches in the past 21 months now be translated into concrete steps towards securing economic stability and security worldwide.

Also, the question now for us Filipinos: what’s in it for us? How does Obama’s victory help a country like the Philippines, which has been (too) dependent on the US, and has stayed solidly behind the US in the war against terror? Will Obama be able to wrestle the recession? What happens to oil prices? Specifically, let’s also see if the Democratic party will make true their promise to bring back to the US the jobs lost to outsourcing. Will an Obama presidency later on change the kind of US military support/presence in the Philippines?

And let’s see on a wider scale how the US will truly deal with the war in Iraq, after all the campaign speeches and propaganda. Of course, whatever move the US takes will affect everyone else.

Obama, like John McCain has promised to bring back America’s prestige as the only world superpower. Even so, I hope that Obama will usher in the kind of leadership — or better yet, partnership — that will respect the best welfare and sovereignty of other nations.

Change has come to the world’s doorstep. And I hope that it is change that will indeed happen.

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